Meet Jamie Phillips

When my first manuscript Real Reality was accepted by Blushing Books, I got to connect with lots of great authors. One such author is Jamie Phillips, author of Forceful Engagement, Aussie Heiress, Rescuing A Rock Star, Guiding Hands, No Escape, A Wintry Affair, and Stories for a Rainy Day. Phillips has “always told stories to myself in my head but writing them down happened much later in life. I would guess I started thinking about becoming an actual writer when I was about thirty.” Her favorite authors included Jane Austen  and Georgette Heyer, “both write with humor in every paragraph. For modern writers, I like Bill Bryson because he makes me laugh.” She finds inspiration in everyday life. “I often sense that behind things I see or hear there’s a spanking back story.”


“All my stories for Blushing Books have been spanking romances. However, I’ve written some ‘slave-themed’ stories for other adult websites in the past and I’ve some ideas around age-play stories that I may pursue because they seem to be becoming more acceptable these days.”


Currently she is working on a short story for to Blushing Books and another Regency novel. You can follow Jamie Phillips on Facebook and Twitter.

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