Author Spotlight: Jen Selinsky

I got to visit with fellow author Jen Selinsky to discuss writing recently. Jen is originally from the Pittsburgh area but moved to southern Indiana in 2005.  Writing has always been a love of Jen. “I have been writing since the age of twelve, but I didn’t really take it seriously until I was fifteen.  I have over 160 self-published books (mostly poetry).  I have one children’s book published through Pen It! Publications and have a second one on the way.”

When she creates her magic, she prefers each book to stand in its own, but has started writing sequels to some of her novels and stories.  It will be a while until these are released, as they are still in their earliest forms, but she hopes they will prove to be successful!


“My first book, a collection of poems, was published in 2001.  I was still an undergraduate majoring in English.  The original name of the company was GreatUnpublished, (which has since changed to BookSurge, then CreateSpace).  I was very excited to have Opening the Doors published, as it was a gateway to my future material.”


Jen has always known language was very powerful from an early age.  When she watched a lot of TV as a youngster, she identified with the characters. “Once I began writing, however, I learned that the powers of language are virtually unlimited!”

Creating her works does not fit a pattern. Once she finished a poetry book within a day and another within a few hours. Other times, she says, “ I could also start something and not pick it up until for a long time.  A prime example of this is my novella, Madness, which I started in 1995 and scarcely picked up until ten years later.  So, in essence, there is no real time frame for me.”

Besides her fans, Jen’s family supports her talented gifts. Her mother is especially stoked to help her out. She buys each of Jen’s books, even if she could get them for free.


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