Blushing Author Paige Parson

Recently I got to interview fellow Blushing Author, Paige Parson. Parson writes light erotica romance, especially enjoying romance, dialogue and family drama. “I love mysteries, but I’ve yet to write one.”  Parson’s earliest memory involves telling stories, and she knew she wanted to be a writer by the first grade. Her favorite childhood authors wereDrag Link/Files Here

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Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary; her adult taste included Jackie Collins, Sue Grafton, and Carolyn Faulkner. Paige’s source of inspiration includes friends, family, theatre, and the news (like Law & Order). “I’m part of the Blushing Valentine’s Day anthology. I have a finished theatre piece, that needs some retooling and I just started a new story I’m very excited about.” Her author website You can find her available works on I have read her book Taking the Stage, and it is a witty five star story in my opinion. Besides writing, Paige enjoys the “Theatre (seeing and doing shows); singing in the choir; napping (:-) )” Her earliest theatre role came at the rip old age of 2. “ I played ToTo in the Wizard of Oz; I barked on cue .”