Haunted Memories, book three of the Spirits of River Oaks

Haunted Memories blurb

Haunted Memories

The Spirits of River Oaks Book Three


Just as a psychic predicted, Cheryl Zeringue helps Detective Nathan

Thibodaux bring down the River Parishes’ Serial Killer.

The case closed, Cheryl finds herself fighting her attraction to the soon

to be sheriff of the River Parishes Region.

Haunting memories of a past mistake threaten to overwhelm the lady editor

and the last thing she needs is a law enforcement officer investigating too

deeply into her life.
Nathan finds himself fascinated by the strawberry blonde who thrives

on pushing his buttons.

From cursing like a hardened criminal to driving at dangerous speeds,

Cheryl needs someone to step in and save her from herself.

He could help, he knows.

All he needs to do is stop her from locking him out of her life. Can Nathan help Cheryl discover the details from her past

and prove he’s the right man for her?

Is Cheryl brave enough to face her memories

and allow Nathan into her life?

Together, are they strong enough to face what they discover

and allow their relationship to grow?